Diana Culillas
Swiss Better Gold Association
Liselotte Thuring
Sustainability Project Manager
Franck Paucod
Partner at Mazars
Vicken Bayramian
Co-founder, Cryptolex
Bernard Vuilliomenet
Expert and watchmaking historian
Kalust N. Zorik
Founder of JIMH
Suren Erkman
Honorary Professor, PhD

Research work

The theme of this year’s research is the “eternity” of the watch, open to teachers, students and watchmaking practitioners. The selected contributions are original from a methodological and/or practical point of view and will be appreciated by the scientific committee of the Journées du Marketing Horloger.

Catherine Sonolet
Digital Training Strategy
Romain Rousseau
PhD Candidate, Luxury marketing
Saïd El Guennouni
Doctor & Professor

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