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The meeting place for professionals to think differently about watchmaking

Since 1997, the JIMH has conquered an international audience by bringing together the academic and professional worlds around avant-garde themes. They consist of targeted conferences and interactive round tables led by personalities from all walks of life. This unique event in Switzerland offers participants a 360° vision of the current knowledge and trends in watch marketing, which is alive, organic and evolving!

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The Marketing Days Association in a few dates


Foundation of the Association of Watch Marketing Days and organization of the first JIMH at the emblematic International Watchmaking Museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds.


Are there still opportunities?
Strong of its success, the JIMH settles in the Theater of the Blue Hour in La Chaux-de-Fonds to welcome the participants.


Watchmaking Culture, Art, Industry
The JIMH is divided into 2 days. 1st edition of the JRMH which takes place at the Haute école de gestion Arc in Neuchâtel and which precedes the JIMH.


The Point of Sale
Publication of the first book of the “watch marketing” collection on the theme of “Watchmaking Culture”.


Asian Dream
The various economic and cultural facets of the “Asian Dream”: perception of Fine Watchmaking, communities, differences in consumption with Europe, perception of the Indian consumer, counterfeiting…


Experiential marketing applied to watchmaking
The experience through mechanics, the online experience on the Internet, a benchmarking of watchmaking with wine, cheese and chocolate and finally the shopping experience of Global Shoppers.


Watchmaking after-sales services, new requirements
The various facets of after-sales services: role of after-sales service, consumer perception, digital, training needs of watchmakers, new technologies such as 3D printing.


The Multiple Lives of a Watch
It deals with a theme rarely treated in literature: the multiple lives of second-hand watches – whether they have been worn or not. The Anglo-Saxons call them pre-owned watches.


Digital intelligence
key themes: how to go from big data to big intelligence? Which tools for social networks? How to build tribes and convert them? Smaller brands, and independent retailers need to get into digital marketing.


The JIMH celebrates its 25th anniversary and joins the program of the Biennial of the watchmaking heritage inscribing marketing as a know-how in the same way as the other watchmaking skills.

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