26th Watch Marketing Day: The Eternity of the Watch

Neuchâtel, November 17, 2022 / in person or streaming with simultaneous translation from French to English

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About the Event

Active since 1997, the "Journées du Marketing Horloger" (Watch Marketing Day) have established themselves in the watchmaking landscape, well beyond the Swiss borders.

They link the academic and professional worlds and democratize watch marketing. “Sharing, transmitting, perpetuating” is our mission, because marketing is a know-how that is part of the watchmaking heritage.

Call for papers (closed)

Want to share your research with the audience? JIMH is a unique opportunity to make your voice heard with the actors of theof the watch industry.



Discover the Agenda

Watchmaking, a centuries-old know-how, is by nature part of the duration of the measurement of time, but the concept of “eternity” goes beyond that by integrating notions that are both recent and concrete, such as obsolescence, and others that are irrational and intimate, such as the lasting attachment of a person to his or her timepiece.

The authors of the research papers selected by a scientific committee will be invited to present their papers in French or English before a panel of experts.

We update the agenda regularly. Do not hesitate to come back to find out about new speakers and schedules, information about your your visit and more.

November 17th, 2022

Welcome, coffee offered by La Semeuse Auditorium 1, 2nd floor
Introduction and objectives of the day Auditorium 1, 2nd floor

Laetitia Vifian Benoit, President of the Journées Internationales du Marketing Horloger (JIMH)

Olivier Kubli, Director of the Haute Ecole de Gestion Arc Neuchâtel

Violaine Blétry-de Montmollin, Councillor of the City of Neuchâtel, Department of Territorial Development, Economy, Tourism and Built Heritage

Alain Ribaux, State Councillor of the Canton of Neuchâtel, Head of the Department of Economy, Security and Culture.

Round table with the participation of Mr. J.C. Biver Auditorium 1, 2nd floor

Presentation by Kalust Zorik. Expert guests:

-Vicken Bayramian, co-founder of Cryptolex, one of the pioneer companies in DLT and Blockchain in Geneva ;
-Jean-Claude Biver,
-Suren Erkman, Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics (IDYST) & Faculty of Geosciences and Environment (FGSE) University of Lausanne (UNIL) ;
-Diana Cullilas, Secretary General, Swiss Better Gold Association;
-Liselotte Thuring, Sustainability Project Manager at Panatere;
-Franck Paucod, Mazars, auditor in sustainable development;
-Bernard Vuilliomenet, watchmaking historian;

Suren Erkman Auditorium 1, 2nd floor

Prof. Hon. PhD, How to optimize the different steps of the watchmaking value chains, in the perspective of defossilization?

Bernard Vuilliomenet Auditorium 1, 2nd floor

Bernard Vuilliomenet, historian of watchmaking, the eternity of the watch object

Franck Paucod Auditorium 1, 2nd floor

Franck Paucod, Mazars: Supply chain audit methodology

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Présentation des articles de recherche (1/2) Auditorium 1, 2nd floor

“The Journey to a sustainable watch Industry" by Catherine Sonolet, Digital Training Solutions and Sustainability Awareness Consultant

Cocktail reception
Presentation of the research papers (2/2) Auditorium 1, 2nd floor

-Eternality and timelessness of the luxury watch: a new theoretical definition of the concept within the framework of Marketing sciences by Romain Rousseau, PhD student in Management Sciences Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne - Institut Français de la Mode
-Eternality: a simple concept? What temporality for watch brands, between permanence and contemporary communication? by Magali Bigey, ELLIADD - University of Franche-Comté
-Tomorrow's watch will be sustainable or not. A nudges approach. Saïd EL GUENNOUNI, Hassan II University of Casablanca / Jean Moulin University Lyon 3

Award for the best communication in watch marketing by BA111OD watches Auditorium 1, 2nd floor

Presentation of the award by Thomas Baillod

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Conclusions of the day by Laetitia Vifian Benoit, President JIMH

About the organization

The Journées du Marketing Horloger were born in 1997!

Discover the speakers of the 26th edition

A panel of professionals and experts will enrich the round tables and exchanges during the International Day of Watch Marketing.

Diana Culillas
Swiss Better Gold Association
Liselotte Thuring
Sustainability Project Manager
Franck Paucod
Partner at Mazars
Alec Avedisyan
Co-founder, Cryptolex
Bernard Vuilliomenet
Expert and watchmaking historian
Kalust N. Zorik
Founder of JIMH
Suren Erkman
Honorary Professor, PhD

Research work

The theme of this year’s research is the “eternity” of the watch, open to teachers, students and watchmaking practitioners. The selected contributions are original from a methodological and/or practical point of view and will be appreciated by the scientific committee of the Journées du Marketing Horloger.

Catherine Sonolet
Digital Training Strategy
Romain Rousseau
PhD Candidate, Luxury marketing
Saïd El Guennouni
Doctor & Professor


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